Soft, beautiful ultrafine Merino is only part of the story at henry and grace. Before the luxurious Merino wool makes its way to henry and grace, let’s take a look at the way Merino is grown, from the sheep that produce this ultra soft fibre, to the environment in which it is grown.

Gostwyck Farm
All ultrafine Merino used by henry and grace is grown on our single farm, Gostwyck, in Australia’s New England Tablelands, one of the world’s premier wool growing regions. At Gostwyck, every stage of growing Merino is monitored and planned so that all its animals, pastures and the ecology co-exist and benefit from each other.

Animal welfare
Minimising stress and eliminating all pain to the sheep is a primary principle at Gostwyck. That’s why all sheep that grow the ultrafine Merino for henry and grace are well cared for, in great shape and proudly mules-free.

A healthy environment
Just as Gostwyck Farm looks after its sheep, it also looks after the soil and pastures on which the sheep graze. Looking after the environment has many benefits for our pastures as well as the animals. A balanced ecology provides better pastures and healthier, stronger animals. It is in everybody’s interest to be a responsible producer that cares for the environment.